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Optimizing existing business processes, people and resource allocation, marketing spend, geographical expansion etc.


Sales, traffic, advertising costs/efficiency etc. across SKUs, product categories, geographies or time.


Classification of data for matching and deduplicating entities, detecting and combating fraud, locating performing goods or customers, etc.


Translation of specialized data and contexts, for example product catalogs, product descriptions, geobases, etc.

Data aggregation

Data aggregation from a variety of sources, including public Web (web scraping), databases, unstructured data (documents etc.).


Recognition of objects, entities, and concepts in image, video, audio, and other data.


Neural Genetic Visionary


by Lutrovnik

It is a unique deep neuroevolution product, a toolset to automatically evolve neural networks used in our artificial intelligence products, using genetic programming.

While neuroevolution is a well-known approach in artificial intelligence and it was Lutrovnik who applied it first to deep learning.

NEGEV can easily evolve, mutate and train numerous deep neural networks in order to find the one which will best analyze the input data provided and make the best judgments.

Works exactly like natural selection does — it “breeds” best-performing network designs, mutates them, checks them for fitness against input data and only lets the most performant evolve further.

Why do I need it?

Before starting

Neural networks, the most basic building blocks of any artificial intelligence solution, are built to a certain structure and a large amount (sometimes, millions) of numeric parameters, usually called hyperparameters — parameters which are not discovered while training the network, but need to be decided before starting the training.


While the overall neural network structure can usually be inferred pretty well by a trained specialist (and even so, new discoveries trump common sense all the time), hyperparameters cannot be efficiently decided, except a small subset of cases. Thus, most commercial AI models ship with hyperparameters either picked semi-randomly, or found through inefficient brute-force search methods.

Find the best solution

NEGEV takes human input out of the structure selection and hyperparameter tuning, and thus allows us to find neural network designs which work best for every specific task, as well as making sure that it performs in the best possible fashion for your business.

How can I use it?

  • Currently, NEGEV is the only deep neuroevolution system available on the market, and being a Lutrovnik.AI customer is the only way to access it.
  • All of the models we use to solve your business problems will be either designed by NEGEV or validated by it.
  • Lutrovnik.AI uses NEGEV for all internal projects to evolve complex artificial intelligence systems, otherwise impossible to tune and design by hand.

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Our Services

Lutrovnik.AI is a small team with a big appetite. Our PhD-trained specialists have variety of domain knowledge in ecommerce, travel, healthcare and fintech industries and can use it for the following services.

Artificial Intelligence

We help you take state-of-the-art results into the core of your product. Our AI offering spans implementations of published research, original R&D, as well as taking deep learning models to scale (both training and inference).

We evolve the optimal network topology, help you pick activation functions, and ensure the ability of the learned understanding to be generalized.

Machine Learning Development

As a part of our ML offering, we guide you through selecting and applying time-tested machine learning models and techniques. From dimensionality reduction, to statistical inference and Bayesian methods, you can rely on our extensive experience of developing predictive and knowledge solutions for industries as diverse as marketing, healthcare, and information security.

Guided by NEGEV, we take the guesswork out of feature engineering for both supervised and unsupervised contexts.

Data Science & Analytics

Last, but not least, we take the knowledge derived from accurately modeling your business to provide you with actionable insights that can make the most impact in your business today, as well as in the short to medium term.

Through applications of AI & ML techniques, as well as highly automated Exploratory Data Analysis, we mine the existing processes, identify bottlenecks and hidden opportunities within your organization.

We provide the driver’s seat for your business through no-nonsense interactive reports and dashboards and allow you to quantify (and validate) the impact of our predictions.

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